Hot Box is a Thrilling adventure puzzle game created during "A Game By Its Cover 2017" game jam. it was based on the Famicase entry by Rene Antunes

You are THE EGRET, world-renowned secret agent. your mission has been sabotaged and you've been framed. now a prisoner of HOT BOX, the interrogation room of your own agency, you have to prove you are not the double-agent, and find out who is behind this conspiracy.


  • Arrow Keys : Movement
  • A : Action
  • B : Back

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Ok, so, this game is really cool, however, I have a question about the note you get from the dead guy.

So far, I know that I need to put some of the letters from the note into the typewriter; that is obvious from the fact that they have the same bloodstain symbol. I also believe that I need to put in the letters that have bloodstains on them. However, when I put the letters into the typewriter, either forwards or backwards, left to right, I even tried basing it off of the little smaller specks of blood next to the main ones in either smallest to largest or largest to smallest, and still, nothing happened. If it is possible, could you potentially explain the solution to this puzzle or at least a hint as to how I could solve it, because I am very confused, and it is worsening my opinion of the game.

So original and addictive, Nice puzzles and structures, the game's environment is very good, keep up the good work.

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Thank you for your comment man, i'm so glad you had a good time playing the game =)

I just found the dead agent, pick the note and I guess I have to tipe something in the typewritter but I can't find what :P I believe it has something to do with the blood spots on the note. I like the ambient and the characters, really good and original :)

i'm so glad you enjoy it, thank you for your comment and for playing :)